12 Amazing Ways For Teenagers To Make Money

Are you a teenager? Do you also want to earn some extra money? Then stay with us and we will
show you some amazing ways to make money as a teenagers.
If I talk about myself then at the time when I was a teenager the only option to earn some extra
money was to get a job at some local store or any fast food joint. Thanks to the technology who
has created an atmosphere and gave lots of options for teenagers to make some extra money.
Not only teens got affected by the rise of entrepreneurial ventures, in fact it has also affected
adults, and there are many different ways even for those under 18 teens to step in several ways
to earn some extra cash instead of working at the local pizza place.

In this article we are going to show some of the most popular ways through which those
underage teens can also earn some extra cash in their spare time.

So let’s get started!

Look For Reward Sites

This is one of the best options for people of any age to make money because making money
through reward sites is pretty much popular. The reason behind that is the people can do it
whenever they want to instead of making a schedule shift job that requires at least four hours
of their time or even more.
We have mentioned some of those sites below which you guys can take advantage of to take

1. Cash Crate

By using this site even teenagers can also make some extra money because Cash Crate even
pays off to the teens of the age of 13, for participating in different activities. You can earn
some extra cash by searching the Net, taking surveys, by playing games and many more by
just using this amazing site known as Cash Crate.
We agree that you won’t get rich by using this site but it will help you a lot in earning some
extra cash in your spare time instead of just laying on sofa and doing nothing.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks, this site pays people for doing really simple and quick tasks. Some of these tasks
includes watching videos, playing games(which is literally the favorite thing of teenagers),
shopping online, answering some of those surveys and many more.
Swagbucks permits teen of age 13 and over to participate in different activities for which
they get paid in points. Those points which those teens will earn can be used to buy gift
cards of their favorite stores or they can transfer them into their PayPal account for a cash

3. InstaGC

Instant Gift Cards is the abbreviation of InstaGC and it is another reward site which is
available for teens to earn some extra cash. Teens which will work on this site will earn
points in reward of completing different tasks such as,
 Watching Videos
 Completing Surveys
 Searching The Web
 Shopping Online

The points which teens will earn for participating in different activities can be used to get free
gift cards in exchange of those point, or those points can be used to get cash direct deposit into
your bank account or to your PayPal account.

Exchange Your Opinion

There are many companies out there who pays off the teens just for sharing their opinions by
completing surveys. We have mentioned some of the most popular companies below.

4. Harris Poll

Harris Poll is one of those companies who pays off teen of age 13 and over to sign up and take
surveys as well. After you complete your surveys with Harris Poll, you will earn HIpoints as a
You can trade your HIpoints in for free e-gift cards at different shopping portals. Sweepstakes
are also offered by Harris Polls through which members can earn some extra rewards. The best
thing is that it’s free to become a member of Harris Poll and they won’t charge you anything for
it or for redeeming points to earn gift cards. One thing which you should know is that your
HIpoints will expire if your account will remain inactive for a time period of 12 months or

5. Survey Junkie

The most popular platform for earning cash online and rewards for sharing thoughts is
Survey Junkie.
You can share your opinion in several ways with Survey Junkie, and then for completing
each survey you will earn reward points which you can redeem to get free e-gift cards at

popular stores such as Amazon and Target or you can also trade in for a cash deposit into
your PayPal account. The best thing of earning through this way is that you can do it
anytime you want to and that’s what which makes it a nice way to earn cash for example,
you can complete those surveys to earn some extra cash while waiting for your turn inside
dentist office or you can also complete those surveys during social events.
According to my opinion this is actually a great option to make money for the age of 13 or
above, anyone can sign up and start earning some extra cash.

6. Ipsos I-Say

Well this one is a bit different from the above mentioned ones because Ipos I-Say members
has to be the age of 14 or above to sign up and start completing those surveys, and for
completing those surveys you will earn points which you can use in numbers of different
ways. Such as you can cash in your reward points to get gift certificates at different stores
like, Amazon, Target, Walmart and Starbucks.
The second option for you that you can request them to transfer your earned cash to your
PayPal account.
The third option you have is that you can use your reward points to purchase I-Say
merchandise which consists of thousands of famous brands products.
Another plus point is that the company also offers occasional surveys and contests for
members to join where they can win additional cash or prizes.

7. Opinion Outmost

This one is pretty much similar to the other survey taking sites which we have mentioned
here already. To sign up you need to be of at least 13 years old and then you can start
earning points you can redeem for a cash transfer into your PayPal account or to get gift
cards at several stores, such as iTunes or Amazon.
This company also allows its members to enter occasionally contests which winning prize if
$10,000 and as you complete one survey, you get another chance to enter into that contest

and also like most of those survey taking companies it’s free to become a member of
Opinion Outpost.

8. Life Points

To join this company and start earning you need to be at least 16. The working strategy of
Life Points is that it helps many other companies by using your opinions to improve and
develop their products and services. Life Points also has its mobile app and also desktop
app, you can choose which one you want to use.
You don’t have to pay any charges or any fee to join Life Points because its always free to
become a member of them. After you have signed up for Life Points you will earn points for
every survey you will complete. As I have told you before that you can use your reward
points to get a PayPal cash or other rewards like retail gift cards.

Customer Service Jobs

Customer service job is that type of job which hire teens to help several customer with
answering their questions or solving their issues which are so rare. There are many different
companies which are hiring teens for customer service jobs but there is one recognized
company nationally that will hire teen which are at least 16 years old. We have mentioned
that company below.

9. U – Haul

U – Haul is that type of company which hires teens to work for their call center phones,
both in-store and some of the times they can also work right form their comfort zone. If you
are good in helping people and can handle stressful situations in a better way, then this is a
best option for you to make money.

Sales Job
if you have some interest in selling things, specifically skin care items, then in this arena you
can make some money. There are two larger companies which allows people to join their
sales team as young as 16 years old teen.

10. Nu Skin

It is that type of company which allows teens to become a sales representative. To take a
start at Nu Skin and become a sales representative of this company you need to be of at
least 16 or 17 years old and the consent of your parents. The products Nu Skin sells
includes variety of skin care items and other personal health items.
Teens don’t have any sort of shortage of options available, whether they can join it on a
temporary basis or maybe they can start a new career. To figure out which one is the best
income earning opportunity for you, you have to try out few of them first.

11. Avon

Today its been over one hundred years that Avon is in the business of skin care. The
products they sell includes skin care products, makeup and many more. To take a start as a
sales representative in this company teens have to be at least of 13 years.


Have you got some different skills which people might be able to use? How about working
as a freelancer.

12. Fiverr

Fiverr is a site which helps you to get your work done with the help of their members.
However people looking for a help from the members of the Fiverr, pays off $5 for each job,
and sometimes they pay even more than that depending on the job.
If you have got some talent in the field of, graphic design, art, animation, digital marketing,
programming and tech stuff and similar to them then you could promote yourself on Fiverr.

So guys these were the list of those 12 amazing ways for teenagers to make money which
will help you out for sure if you are a teenager or if you have teens at your home. At the end
we will just say that don’t waste any more time and start working today to earn some extra
cash. Also we would love to hear from you guys so don’t hesitate to drop a comment below
to let us know that which one of above these mentioned ways you have tried out and in
which way it has helped you out.
Good luck and have a nice day!

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