12 Effective and Easy Methods to Save Money

Saving money is not a cup of tea to drink it is a process of patience and hard work.  You should have a strong determination of saving money to achieve your goals. I am sure everyone in town wants to save money and achieve their goals but it seems very difficult to them so they do not get what they want. Here in this article I have come up with ideas that will help you to save more money in an effective and easy way. Many of the people who want to save wants to know how they could save so here are the tips for you in this article. These methods will help you to achieve your goals and it will give you a road map for money saving. To change your financial aspects and to get out of debt it demands hard work. You have to work had to achieve your aim so starting from the 1st method,


1- Invest

Investing your savings should be your first priority. You can invest your money on online banking apps, Betterment is the best option I would give it to you. Betterment is an online investing app that has a system where you can put your money and the system will automatically invest your money through online computer based advices. These app never gives you a loss and you can easily earn on your invested amount. You can also connect your bank account with these apps so every month a fixed amount of money will be deducted and invested from your account. These types of apps are free and easy to use. So this becomes a better and easy way to earn on your invested money.


2- Bank Account

Do you know the banks earn from the money you give them and they even charge you for the money you give it to them in order to keep it? Why should you give your money and also pay for that? There are a lot of banks that offer free banking and free checks so make sure you find one. Make sure you check your bank account on regular basis so that you could know that if the bank is cutting any fee or so?  You should check your bank account often to check how much you have spent and how much you are left and are you going out of budget. You can get many benefits just by checking so you should do so.


3- Make your Budget

To keep a track of your spending you first have to make a list of where are you spending your money. Making a budget is very important for a person who get paid every month. It is important that you should make a list of items or things where you have to spend and you should follow that routine strictly to save more. When you are making your budget make sure you exclude extra things to save more. You can also get helps and advice from online tools to make a good budget.



4- Check where you spend.

To keep a track of where you are spending your money is very useful because by tracking your spending you will get to know that where are you spending and are you following your budget. If you do not make a check at your list then you will surely break your budget very soon so to keep you on right track and to increase your worth this is very important that you regularly check where are you spending your money. You can take help from some of the online applications that are completely free!



5- Save the Change

You will be amazed to know that how much you could save from your change in a year. Many people like us do not give importance to the left change when they do shopping, this is because they think it would not give them much. You should keep a Jar or a Cup or something like that to keep the change and every day when you return you should put the change in it. After some days or a month get the jar out and you will be amazed to see what amount you have saved. You can give your change to bank and get cash and spend it where ever you want.


6- Saving Goals

To have a strong determination for saving it needs a goal. When you have a goal to achieve something you can then easily challenge yourself to get that. Goals help you to achieve something in time because it has an effect on your mentality. You know that you have to fulfill a certain task in some time and you then try for it.


7- Do shopping with Discount.

Everyone here need to do shopping for some cause. Many a time you have to do shopping for things that are necessary. Shopping on online stores is quite easy and it gives you more discounts then you can find in the malls. There are many online stores that offers a lot of deals to you while you are shopping from them. For big stores like Amazon you can have cash back and discounts in many ways. There are many tools and websites that help you to find free coupons, deals and discounts on many stores. There are many website that pays you cash back on shopping you do. You can get more discount by paying through your credit card then in cash because it is easy for the merchant and due to number of stores and the competition you can get the most discount while shopping online. So you should spend some time to search for the best offer.


8- Do not Buy New Things.

To buy new things you have to pay for the taxes and other payments. But if you choose to buy old items it gives you a lot of benefits. Although many people like me would love to be the first owner and would love the smell of a new item. Yeah this is with some people but you should change your mentality in order to save so. You can check Craigslist for this option and you can find many of the offers and items there for a very less amount. Craigslist is a store where you can buy old and used stuff. Buying used stuff will help you to save on shopping new things. For example buying used cars can give you benefits like you will have to pay 30% to 40% less on the original amount and you will get to know about the car easily.


9- Repair your item

Throwing your broken and damaged items and buying new items is never a good option if you have saving goals to achieve. You should change your approach and try to save money and should repair your item yourself or get repaired it from someone else in an amount less than you pay or a new one. Websites like YouTube has made this easier because you can easily get a solution to repair your item especially for electronic components for free. Although the manufacturers do not build products that can repaired now a days and used the products that can be recycled but there are some products that could be repaired so instead of buying you should repair and this approach could help you to save more.


10- Do not Buy items, Borrow them!

Buying new items all the time is not a good thing for your money saving goal. Many a times when you need an item but it costs much more than your budget then you should look for renting the item or when you need a product for only some short time then you should also go for renting. To save more you should ask your friends and neighbors for the item and can borrow from them. Suppose you need a chainsaw for cutting woods but this is a thing that you do not need on daily basis so you should ask your friends and neighbors for it and do your work with chainsaw on a weekend and return it. To make sure that your friends and neighbor give you things to borrow you should respect their things and do care for them as you do for yourself.


11- Replace Your Bulbs

Do you still use electronics products that consume a lot of energy or do you still use that old bulbs? If yes then you are not doing well with your saving goals. To save more money on your electronics bills you should change your old appliances with new less energy consuming products like you should change your old bulbs with the new LEDs. Although you will have to invest some on shopping but the amount you will save will be much more than you invest.


12- Skip the Dryer

Do you use a dryer and even have a space in your house where you can dry your clothes in fresh air? If yes then you are wasting money you should skip your dryer in sunny days because you should use the fresh air to dry your clothes. This simple method will help you to save a lot of money in every month and you will feel the difference in your utility bills.



So here are the dozen methods for you to save money today and you can start saving by implementing these simple methods. Do comment in the comment section below and also share your experience of saving money from any of the methods I have told you above.


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