7 Effective Methods of Saving on your Utility Bills

Do you pay thousands of dollars in your monthly utility bills and it is driving you crazy to fulfill this then you must read this article till end. Today I have come up with 7 tips that will help you to save hundreds of dollars every year or more if you are a big energy consumer. I will tell you about some simple hacks that by applying will save you a very big amount every year. You could have to invest in the form to buy products that would consume less energy. You can avail government offers on that so you could have to spend less and save more. So these simple type of tricks can help you to save a very big amount.

1- Unplug your appliances

There are many devices that use much energy even when they are not working. Many of the devices in our home consume energy even when they are on standby mode this is because they consume that energy in order to work instantly as you power them on. The thing you should do here is that you should apply a surge protector to avoid this loss and unplug all these kind of appliances whenever you are not using them these devices include chargers, TVs , coffee makers, toasters ,blenders and your gaming stations. To avoid this loss you should unplug these devices as you are not using them or try using surge protectors which help you to save more. If you want to know how much does it cost when a device is plugged in and you are not using it then bring a Kill A Watt. This device when plugged in the device will tell you how much you are spending on it. For this you have to put the energy rates per watt in this then you can easily get to know how much you are losing here. You can save up to $1000 a year from this simple hack. Please keep in your mind that devices like Cable boxes and desktop computers take much energy to power on when they are plugged out compared to the energy when they are plugged in. so it is better to keep this type devices plugged in because in other condition it will not give you a profit.


2- Water Heater

Everyone uses a water heater and in winters it is a basic need of every people. The first trick you have to do with your water heater is that you should wrap the heater with an insulating material so that the outside temperature or atmosphere would not affect your water heater or you can put your water heater in a place where outside temperature would not affect it all. Secondly, the thing you have to do is that keep your water heater at 120 degrees or below instead of keeping that at 140 degrees. At 120 Degrees you can get a fairly heated water in your house which can be easily used for bathing or cleaning. Any how this simple trick will help you save a lot. Now some of us would say that keeping the water heater below 140 can cause bacteria. Yes this is the case but it is only with the electric heater so it is totally optional to you but applying these simpler trick to your water heater you can reduce your utility bill up to 10%. Yes I know you will be amazed but this simple trick will help you to save up to 10% every month on your bill.


3- Cover your windows.

By covering your windows it means that you should not let the outside atmosphere hit you inside in the winter or even summers. You can fill up the cracks of the windows by very simple and easy steps and either you can cover them with curtains and plastic paper sheets by this you are blocking the cold air of outside from coming inside your house. This will cause less load on your heater and you will save. In case of summers you should close your windows properly and should not let any crack or point from.com where the cold air could slip out, you should close the space between the floor and the door to avoid leakage these steps will put less load on your air conditioner and you will save. By doing the steps mentioned above in summers or winters you can save up to 20% on your utility bills. Isn’t it is amazing that applying a very simple hack you have saved 20% of your cash back from the bills.


4- Ceiling Fan

Using a ceiling fan in the house could become a very good energy saving decision because the amount of energy it consumes is much less as compared to the amount consumed by air conditioner or applying the ceiling fan in the room can help you to circulate the cooling in the room or the space acquired by it. This flow of air in the room can make your air conditioner more efficient and it can make its life easy. Another facility that a ceiling fan can provide you is that you can use a ceiling fan more frequently than the air conditioner because many a times it works very effectively according to temperature. You can use the ceiling fans in winters too by reversing the spin of the fan it will give you warm air instead of cool air and you can keep your house warmer in winters by applying this simple hack. You can program your ceiling fan with your automatic thermostat. This will help you to save more in a year. So these hacks from a ceiling fan can help you save much from your utility bills.


5- Repair your insulations

Insulations are very easy to install and it does not cost much to buy them. Keeping your insulation can save you up to 15% from your utility bills. Yeah 15% percent, insulation helps your air conditioner to work more effectively and it stops any leakage if there is any. If you cannot buy a new insulation you can do it by spray foam that will work effectively. By applying this hack you will check the difference yourself in a month in your bills. Suppose you saved $12 a months that means you saved $144 a year so putting some investment in this can save you very much.




6- Keep your refrigerator full 

You will be amazed to know that keeping your freezer and refrigerator full can help you save money. You would be thinking how? I will tell you when your freezer is full it takes less energy to circulate the cooling around the unit. So keep it full. You can do it by putting water bottles in to the freezer when you are not putting food and other beverages inside the refrigerator. When your freezer become full it will help you to save. One thing you must keep in mind is that you should not open the freezer often because it leaks more cooling.


7- Try to save through other means

You can save more by switching to options that does not use energy this may include that you should skip the dryer option and dry your clothes in the sun by hanging them outside and you can also switch from using the blenders by doing it from your hand. You can also save by not using the electric can opener and using your hands and old methods to open that. You can also do simple things like using the washer and dryer in the night instead of morning because in the peak time the energy costs are higher than the normal time. There are many simple methods like that from which you can save hundreds of dollars a year.


So these were the 7 legit and effective hacks that will help you to save money on your utility bills. All the hacks are effective and you will save hundreds of dollars a year and more yes if your energy consumption is much more than I stated above. You can use your saved money to invest or you can use you saved hundreds of dollars to go to a vacation or you can buy something you wanted. You can also use this save money to buy products that consume less energy and you install them. Yeah now money saving is very easy. Do not forget to comment in the comment below section and do share your experience of saving money from the utility bill from any of the stated above methods. I am sure you will save a lot and also share your road map with us that how you saved that money.

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