8 Similar Sites to eBay Through Which You Can Sell Your Stuff Online

eBay is known as one of the best and popular sites through which you can sell your stuff online.
Although there are few down sides of selling your stuff on eBay which might make you make it
much more profitable to try & sell on the comparable sites.
However there are lots of benefits of eBay, and we often suggest it as a source of buying &
selling, there are something about eBay which can be deleterious to your sales, and on the top
of that list if that eBay is huge.
Whereas this can be a great option to expose the items you’re selling to large amount of
audience. That also means that the listing of your items will get lost in the ocean of thousands
of other similar things.
If you are selling your stuff on eBay then it can be quite difficult to make your listing stand out
among the other countless offers. Another possibly negative about selling your stuff on eBay
can be those listing charges which can be high at some times.
But, you don’t have to worry about that because there are numerous alternatives of eBay
which you guys can use to sell your stuff, because we have put our heads together and have
made some extra effort to come up with the list of these 8 similar sites to eBay which you can
use to sell your stuff online instead of listing them up on eBay.

Let’s get started!

Several Sites Like eBay Where You Can Sell Everything

You can use eBay to sell just anything literally. However there are some alternatives of eBay
which allows you to sell some specific items online, well, the alternatives which are mentioned
below in this article will allow you to sell almost everything. So simply stick to us and we will
show you some of the most well – known which you can use to sell everything online.

1. eBid

eBid is an online platform which is pretty much similar to eBay, which you can use to sell
anything you want to including sporting goods, clothing, jewelry, art, baby stuff and much
The difference between eBay and eBid is that you’ll never have to pay more than 3% for selling
your stuff on eBid. eBid also have a lifetime selling fee which will cost you $99.98 per year to
sell as much as you want. At the time of this report, they were offering a special offer of half off
on the lifetime selling fee.

2. Craigslist

You might already have some idea about the working strategy of Craigslist, but the thing is that
it can be an amazing alternative to eBay. The only negative point about Craigslist is that you
may not get that much big audience while selling something on Craigslist as compared to eBay.
But as I have told you guys before too that it will also help you to prevent your listing for getting
lost in the ocean of thousands of other listing and sellers.

The best thing about Craigslist is that it is totally free, you don’t have to pay any kind of listing
or selling fee. You will only have to pay the shipping fee and that’s only in the case if you choose
to ship your items to your buyer until you’ll specify or agree to the term that your buyer will pay
the cost of shipping but that’s the thing to be expected.
If you are selling your item on Craigslist then you can also choose to meet your buyer in person,
considering that most of the buyers you’ll come across will be residing locally.

3. Amazon

Amazon is a well – known online selling platform which can be a great source to sell just about
anything. The prices and fees of their stores are different which are based on the numbers of
different factors.
Amazon is actually the best platform for selling new items or handmade items. However there
are some people who find success selling used stuff as well.

4. OfferUp

OfferUp is an online classified site which helps to sell their stuff locally, and also don’t charge
any sort of selling or listing fees. This site is pretty much well organized and it also has images of
stuff which is for sale right on the home page, which is very helpful and nice.
However the listing of home is uncategorized but you can also make categorized search.
OfferUp has all of the categories which Craigslist, eBay and many of the other sites does such as
kid stuff, clothing, cars, household and trucks etc.
Same like the other classified sites, you being a seller will be responsible for organizing a
meeting or delivery time with buyers and also setting any rules about the cost of shipping in

case if your buyer decide to have the items shipped to them instead of setting up a time to
meet personally.

5. Etsy

Etsy is literally the most well – known and most visited site for selling craft supplies and
handmade items. Also Etsy allows you to sell antique items too but only if they are at least 20
years old. Keep in mind that if you are selling handmade items then there are some rules about
what represents handmade items, you can also take a look on Etsy’s website to get more
information about that.
While talking about the fees, then let me tell you that you’ll have to pay 20 cents per each
listing and once your item is sold then you’ll have to pay a 3.5% of the total amount as a
transaction fee and a 3% as a processing charges.
As Etsy helps you with the payments you receive, it will be in your hands to decide that how do
you want to receive the money from the items you sell through credit & debit cards, PayPal,
Google Play and many more.

6. Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane’s main aim is to help people to sell high quality antique items like fine art, dolls,
furniture, glass pieces, jewelry, lighting, porcelain pieces and much more.
Being a seller of Ruby Lane you’ll need to pay a one – time set up fee which will cost you $100,
a monthly store fee of $69 and a per transaction fee which depends on how many items you

Ruby Lane is more of a site for those people who are willing to get into the antique selling game
and create a business out of it as an opposite to those people who are just willing to sell few

7. Poshmark

Poshmark is an online site which will help you guys to sell men’s, women’s and kids clothing,
accessories and the other fashion items. You’ll have to pay a flat fee of $2.95 for all the items
which are sold under $15, and for the sales which worth $15 and above you’ll have to pay a flat
20% of the total sale price to the Poshmark as a fee.
Poshmark also provides you a prepaid shipping label and you can take a look on our Poshmark
Review to get more information about Poshmark and its working strategy.

8. Chairish

Chairish is an online site which allows you to sell antique items and other home décor items
including art, rugs, lighting and many more. Chairish usually look for those items that are in
great condition and that are actually of different and unique types.
Also Chairish don’t charge you any sort of listing fee, although you’ll have to pay a 20% sale
commission depending on how much your items or your item sell for.
Moreover Chairish also allows you to coordinate your details with your buyer as well which also
includes shipping arrangements and pay.

Before your items get listed which you are willing to sell, Chairish has to improve them, they
also help you through the touchup photos in order to maximize the order of your listings. With
Chairish you get paid through PayPal after the delivery of your item, and for all the buyers
Chairish allows them a return period of 48 – hours.

So guys this was the list of those 8 similar sites to eBay which you can use to sell your items
online. We hope that it will actually help you guys.
At the end we would only say that we would love to hear from you guys so simply drop a
comment below and share your experiences with us and also let us know if you have tried any
of them or if you have any more ideas, so simply drop a comment below and let us know that
which one of the above mentioned ways you have tried and how it helped you out.

Good luck & have a nice day!

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