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Best Geek Subscription Boxes UK

We have enlisted some of the best Geek subscription boxes that are delivering across the UK and to ease your selection, we have described how they differentiate from each other and what products they are offering.

1. LootCrate

It is considered as one of the founders of the Geek subscription boxes. Based on the love of big geek events such as Pax and ComicCon, some gamers and geek lovers came up with and idea of organising their first crate of geek loots in 2012. Now it has over 600,000 active subscribers also called Looters It .If we talk about prices and the items included, its price is £24 which includes free shipping within the UK which is quite reasonable because if we are to buy these items from the market it can cost approx. £40 or more. Also they have relationships with geek focused brands so they can get you limited edition items that are not easily available on the high street


.2.Super Loot

It’s a UK based Geek subscription box service which you can get in £22.70 including UK shipping. It’s ranked on #2 because it’s been taken over by new owners and they have worked hard to improve the quality of items and have got a positive response and positive reviews from the subscribers.Not only the quality of the included products is improved but also they have added Super Loot Candy Box and a Comic Book Box worth £19.99. They also update their blogs and are always active on Social media to interact with the subscribers and also they have made their website very much user friendly.


3.My Geek Box

If you’re into something a little bit cheaper but don’t want to compromise on the quality of the merchandise, you should definitely go for My Geek Box which features  6-8 items including a t-shirt and a fine collection of geeky items. They are available to subscribers at a price tag of £17.99 and have upgraded their items and they now supply high quality and exclusives to the subscribers.


4. ZBox by Zavvi

A high quality yet low priced geek box name ZBox offered by a famous entertainment network Zavvi which was previously known as Virgin Megastores includes  genuine DC, Marvel, Star Wars goodness because of their relationships with the licensed. Also they guarantee to deliver over £35 worth of merchandise in just £19.99 including free delivery all over the UK. You can also get a little more discount if you subscribe for a long term. Also each month customers are automatically entered into winning a Mega ZBox worth over £1000. These boxes have great artwork on them. Their past themes were  Time Travel, Heroes & Villains, Ghost & Ghouls full of genuine Ghostbuster goodies.


5. Pop in a Box

Are you a serious addict to pop characters? If you are, then you should go for the Pop in a Box subscription which delivers a vinyl pop character each month and guarantee not to repeat the ones you have in your collection because they have an Online Pop tracker profile service which allows you to keep tracks of your collection as well as to share it with other collectors if you want. It’s price varies depending on the number of Pop characters you want. For 1 Pop character, the price is £8.49 plus £3.50 delivery charges. 2  Pops for £16.88, 3  Pops for £25.17, right upto maximum of 12 Pops for £99. Price is also the same as market prices but Pop in a Box has access to rare and exclusive characters which are hard to find on high street, also saving the leg work and getting your favourite film or comic character at your doorsteps.


US Based Geek Boxes


The following is the list of some US based Geek Box subscription services that deliver to the UK. Their price is higher than UK based subscriptions simply because of the shipping charges but they are worth spending money because the items included are rare and hard to find in the UK.


6.Nerd Block


One of the most famous US based subscription boxes that are shipped in the UK is Nerd Block. You can get it delivered to you in the UK at your door in just £23 approx.(£13.40 plus £9 shipping).

You can choose to customise the theme of your box the way you like it. Also you can choose between Classic, Arcade, Sci-Fi, Horror, Comic, Boys or Girls Jr themes. In addition to all this, you will get a T-Shirt and 6-8 geeky items. You will get more collectibles than one-off items because they focus on “Build Your Collections”.



One of the most expensive premium boxes( £40 including delivery to UK charges) available in UK markets is BamBox mainly focused on autographs, limited edition and collectible items for serious addicts. It’s getting great reviews from the geek obsessed across the UK. Their experts collect the best of the geeky art, autographs, comics and collectibles and pull together a box in a presentable way and add a booklet on each item’s info and ship them to you all the way to the UK.


8.Geek Fuel

At a price tag of as low as £19.20(delivery charges excluded)), Geek Fuel is offering a T-Shirt, Steam Game Download Codes, Limited Edition Comic Books, geek themed mugs, sweets and collectable figures in their subscription boxes which is quite reasonable because if we calculate the market value of the merchandise, it can cost upto £50 which you get in this US based subscription box. Also you can get an additional discount of £2 on 6 month pay upfront subscription and a mystery item each month.


9.Hero Box from SuperHeroStuff


This Hero Box is more of a one-off purchase box than subscription. Based on the theme of the Super Hero of your choice, this box is best for one-off geek items as every item included will be related to the Super Hero which you choose for yourself. It is £39 including shipping to the UK. The price is not as good as the UK based Geek Boxes but the quality of the merchandise is great and they also promise not to send any items that are not related to your SuperHero theme. The Super Heroes currently available are Superman, Batman, Captain America, Spider-Man, Star Wars, Flash and for the girls there’s Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. In addition to all these, smany other random themes are introduced throughout the year.

The 8 home things everyone should clean

No matter how busy people are keeping their home clean is a priority. There is a certain time in the week, devoted to domestic chores. However, many people make a major mistake during the cleaning session. Intentionally or not, we often stick to the same domestic chores, which means that some area of our home remain neglected and the bad thing is that these are sometimes places or item that we constantly use in our daily life. With time they gather a lot of grime and become a home to different types of bacteria. Of course, one shouldn’t get obsessed with cleaning. Including these areas in the cleaning process from time to time is more than enough.


Those are the areas in every home that in my opinion, everyone should clean.

Mattress and pillows

Ideally, the mattresses should be cleaned once in six months. With time, they become a suitable environment for dust mites and bacteria, invisible to the human eye. This may expose the health of your family to a risk of asthma, bronchitis and respiratory infections. The same holds true to the pillows as they collect dead skin, sweat and dirt. Check the labels and wash twice a year as recommended.


Doors and door knobs

If you have kids, the sticky fingers on the doors are certainly not something new. Most of the people wouldn’t bother themselves to wash the doors during the regular cleaning session. Yet, doors and door knobs are constantly touched by at least two people, which means bacteria can easily make its way to them. For this reason, all doors, door handles and knobs should be cleaned once per month.



Unsurprisingly we start with the floor coverings. You may say now that you hoover diligently the carpets every week but the grime can actually be eliminated only through a deep overall cleaning. Whether you will tackle this duty on your own or hire a professional for a carpet cleaning care, I strongly advise you to wash the carpets entirely on regular basis.


Behind and under the fridge

You probably haven’t thought of it but every time you take something out of the fridge or just walk around a lot of small crumbs and dust build up under and the fridge. Next time when you grab the vacuum cleaner, move the fridge and hoover thoroughly the area under it. Don’t miss to hoover also the refrigerator vent. The grime gathered there can make is work less efficiently, which will increase your electricity bill.


Light fixtures

Overhead chandeliers gather dust and dead bugs, which is not only unhealthy but also reduces significantly the light. Clean the light fixtures disconnected from the power supply. Gently remove any parts and wipe them with a damp cloth and soapy water.


Remote Control

Another commonly used device in every home. Staying constantly on the table, the remote control easily becomes covered with dust, which we spread around with our hands. To avoid this, wipe the front and back of the device once per week. Pay special attention to the area between the buttons.


Shower curtains

Due to the moisture in the bathroom, these are a breeding ground for mildew stains. The good news is that you can restore the clean condition of the plastic shower curtains by washing them in the washing machine.


The toothbrush holder

Every time you put your wet toothbrush back in its place, liquid is trickling down to the bottom of the holder, making it humid and dirty. This means that the toothbrush handle is full of bacteria, which easily makes its way to your hands. You should clean with hot water and your preferred solution the toothbrush holder once per week.