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I Just Felt A Little Bit Of My Soul Die #Blogger

So yeah, I do follow links for a price.

I’m not proud of it but you want to pay me £50 for a cut and paste job, or £75 for me to write a load of shit for ten minutes to insert your link into, why would I turn you down?

I’ll do it.

I’m not sorry because I need the cash and let’s face it people, it’s either this or I work up Lidl (Actually, I applied and they didn’t want me. Nor did Asda. I failed the online  application test. For Asda).

You will occasionally see things appear on this blog with a link to some loans company or a private health care provider. Or anyone who will pay me. I have few morals and I am not too proud to sell myself for a few quid into my paypal account. 

We all have a price.

Mine is “SHIT, the nursery bill is coming up, I need £200” or, “FUCK, it’s the teenagers birthday next week and he’ll want a curry ordered in”.

I wish I could afford to have morals. I wish I was one of those writers who says, “I would never write anything for a payday loan company because they rip people off.”

I have to and it’s shit. I have to to stop myself borrowing from a payday loan company somehow, so selling links is the solution (I wouldn’t by the way, payday loans are the Devil).

I’m a blog whore. 

I am the internet equivalent of a hooker leaning into your car window. Sat here at my desk (kitchen table) saying , “cor Mister, that’s a nice loan company you’ve got. Let me make up a story about how my boiler blew up for fifty quid.”

I will flog anything you want me to. Here, have my soul for £100, because the microwave broke last week. 

So, I post these random blogs and forget that they are all connected to my Twitter and that means that people will read them. I also forget that a few thousand people thankfully, wonderfully subscribe to my site via WordPress, so they will get an email notifying them of my shame.

Friends are usually a bit perplexed by the random posts.

“What do you mean you needed to borrow money for your brother’s wedding? You don’t have a brother?” They say, looking at me intently to see if I have finally cracked.

Other bloggers roll their eyes and scroll on.

The bloggers with morals tut, and the other skint bloggers send me an email saying, “pass them my way, love, I’m short of shopping money this week.”

Investing or Paying Student Debt? Which is Better?

Paying debt is one of things for which people work very hard, people work day and night so that they
could make enough money from which they could pay their debt and make a living. Whether it is a
mortgage or a student loan, people work hard to fulfill their dream of being debt free. People of United
States usually have 2 kind of big debts to deal with, one is the mortgage and the second is the Student
loan debt that has increased a lot in the recent years.
The topic of our today discussion is the question that many young people ask when they are free from
college and that is that whether they should pay their student loan first or they should start investing.
Usually debt is of considered to be of two types, the first one which is named as the good one is the one
that increases your net worth. Student loans and mortgages both lie in to the category of good debt, any
debt other than these two debts is considered to be a bad debt because that is a kind of trap that you
usually fall in. Purchasing a car does not increases your worth because the car loses its worth after
sometime and you end up in a loss situation. Bad debt usually come with a higher interest rate than of a
good debt so there is not a chance that you should invest money while you have bad debt on your
shoulders. You should first pay the bad debt first before you start investing.
In the case of good debt, the answer to the question is complicated and not clear and depends upon
your own preferences. Of course you need to pay your debt first and if you have bad debt then you
should not do anything before you pay that off. But investing while having a good debt also have some
benefits that you might want to enjoy. So to answer this question you need to consider some questions.
This would help you analyze which situation is better for you.

What is the Size of your Debt?
This is an important question to answer while you consider yourself stuck between paying off the
student loan and investing because if you have a lower amount then this could be better to start
investing but if you have a huge amount of debt then it would be better to get some load off. If you are
going to pay the debt first then try to pay the smallest one first because this would help you to get quick
success and you will get extra money to pay the other debt.

Interest Rate
The interest rate that you have on your student loan is one of the factors which can change your
decision. If you have a higher interest rate on your student loan then it does not make sense to start
investing with a high interest loan on your shoulders. The loan could be increasing gradually and you will
have to pay more interest rate if you take the loan to its maximum. But if you have a loan of lower and
fixed interest rate then you can easily calculate what interest amount you will be paying for the life of
your loan. You can calculate that what profit investment can bring in and what savings you can do by
paying the debt early and then you can take a decision.

You can also refinance your high interest rate loan in to a lower interest rate loan with lower payments.
By this you will be able to save interest money and invest money too.

Tax Payments
If you have a mortgage or a student loan you can apply for tax deduction programs and you can help
yourself to save the money that you would have to pay if you do not have a loan. In the case of student
loan, there is limitation that whether you can be eligible for this program or not. If your annual income is
more than the limit of the program and you still have the loan pending, then you would not be able to
get that tax deduction.
So in the case of student loans, finance experts always suggest that you should invest money first
because the amount of tax deductions in the case of student loans are lower than of in mortgages. And
if you invest, you can make more money.

Is Investing Before Paying Student Loan a Better Idea?
I have given some of the factors through which you can decide but according to me, investing money is
much better than putting all the money to pay off the student loan. When you start investing in a
younger age, you get a lot of investing experience and you can make a lot of profit in the upcoming time.
Having an investment account from a younger age is recommended by a lot of financial experts, so it is
better to start investing and then using the profit to pay off the debt.
You can also use 90% of your income to pay the debt and to make a living while you use the 10% to
investment account. By this you can get benefits from both these options.

Is Investing Before Paying Mortgage a Better Idea?
In my opinion paying off mortgage first has its own benefits, it can save you a thousand of dollars of
interest amount. Mortgages usually come for a longer period of time but if you can work hard, you can
pay it off quickly.

So the bottom line in this case is that you should put some portion of your income to pay off the debt
and some to invest. As I said above putting 10% of your income for investment is a much better option
in which you can enjoy benefits from both the sides. You will have to increase your principal payments
from the 90% of your income and the pay the debt quickly to. You can also work to increase your
income and keep the equation balance. Do comment in the section below and let us know if you have
any queries regarding the article because we would love to hear from you. Best of luck!

5 Top Places to Get a Mortgage this year

One of the biggest decision of our life is to get a house and it brings in a lot of responsibility when you
buy a house. When you want to buy a house on mortgage then this could be one of your biggest
financial decision of life, so you should work accordingly and try to find the best rates so that it could not
be hectic for you in the future.
Many people are afraid to buy a house on mortgage due to the increasing rates of mortgages but if you
are one of them who still want to buy a house then you should work before you buy a house. You should
compare rates of different lenders so that you could save the most money. To help you in this regard,
today I have come up with a list of lenders that can help you a lower rate. So starting from the 1 st ,

1- Loan Depot

One of the biggest mortgage lender companies is Loan Depot with a Trustpilot rating of 8.1 out of 10.
The company was founded in 2010 and from that time the company has helped many people to get a
mortgage loan on a lower rate. According to the site, the company has paid over 100 billion dollars to
people in mortgage loans or mortgage refinancing. The company offers a variety of loans such as
Adjustable-Rate mortgage, VA loan, FHA loan, Jumbo Mortgage and fixed rate mortgage. The company
has over 1700 loan officers so if you want to get a loan, you can contact with one of their agents and
one of the best thing about loan depot is that their agents does not work on commissions that means
they will provide you the information that is best for you. This loan agent will work with you till the end
of your loan.
On Loan Depot, you have to pay an origination fee and that could lie in between 1% to 5%. If you have a
lower credit score then you will have to pay higher percentage. This is one of the best company to get a
loan from as it provides all the services and one of the best thing about this company is that, you will get
a chance to refinance your loan in the future.

2- Rocket Mortgage

One of the best companies to get a mortgage this year is rocket mortgage. The company is a bit new in
the mortgage lending business but it has gained a lot of fame and they have a very high Trustpilot rating
that is 9.2 out of 10. You can get a VA Loan, Fixed Rate or Adjustable Rate Loan, Jumbo Loan and FHA
Loan with this company. If you already have a mortgage, you can also refinance that loan with this
If you have low amount of money then this company is best to consider because the company will pay
you a mortgage with a low down payment of 3%. This company has one of the easy process to buy a
home, you can take all the information from their app that makes it easy. Another benefit is that if you
are getting an FHA or VA loan then your origination fee will be as low as 1%. That is a very low amount
of origination fee. In other cases, the origination fee may be up to 5%.

If you want to take a loan, you will have to download the app and provide all the required information.
One of the best thing about the process is that all the process takes place online so no need to visit to
the banks as your elders used to do to get a mortgage.
The company has a very user friendly platform that makes it easy and fast. The company is preferred if
you want to take your loan as soon as possible. Although you will have to need to fulfil certain
requirements but this platform is preferable.

3- Citi Mortgage

Citi Mortgage is one of the brick and mortar companies that you can consider for taking a mortgage. The
company is in business since 1979 and is parented by the famous Citi Bank. On this site, you can have
many different options for buying a home. With Citi Mortgage, you can take FHA Loan, Jumbo Loan,
Fixed or Adjustable Rate Loan or VA Loan.
It is easy to get a mortgage loan with Citi Mortgage because they do not have strict requirements to
fulfill like the others. If you have a low credit score then this might be the option you are looking for
because this company does not only looks upon the credit score to check your trust worthiness. Aother
reason for considering Citi Mortgage is that they support self-employed people and work with them to
get a mortgage unlike the other lender’s that have strict policies for self-employed persons.
If you are a customer of Citi Bank then this can benefit you because they have a relationship pricing
program in which they provide a discount on interest rate. You can get to company or can use their site
to take a loan. A downside of this company is that you will have to pay an application fee of $100 that
you will have to pay.
With all of these benefits, Citi Bank could be the option to be considered for a mortgage.

4- Caliber Home Loans

Another company to consider to get a mortgage this year is Caliber Home Loans. The company is in
business since 2013 and is famous in all the country because it provides almost all type of home loan
services. The company also provides loans for renovation along with a mortgage for a new home. You
need to consider this company if you have a low credit score because the company even provides to
people with lower credit scores.
With Caliber Home Loans, you can get a Jumbo Loan of up to $2.5 million with only a down payment of
5%. Apart from that you can get fixed rate loans for Home renovation or if you have a lower score and
you have less amount to pay as down payment. Other than these types of loans, you can also get a VA
loan, FHA loan or USDA Loan.
If you want to get a loan, you can visit one of the branch of the company to get a quote. If you cannot
find a one, you can check their website or you can even contact to one of their agents that will guide you
about the process. You can complete all the process online due to their user friendly website and it is
very safe and convenient to do so. They accept almost 94% of their applications so you have a very
higher chance of getting a mortgage with this company.

One of the drawback of this company is that after sometime you have got a mortgage, your loan will be
bought by another company and this can make it difficult to keep things in order.
With all the benefits and one of the best customer service, the company is a good choice to take. You
can consider this company even if you have a bad credit score.

5- US Bank

US Bank is one of the largest bank of the United States that is provides the services in all the states of
the country and has branches in almost half of the states of the US. With US Bank, you can get VA Loan,
FHA loan, Jumbo Loan, Fixed or Adjustable Rate Mortgage and construction loans. You can also
refinance your current mortgage loans with this bank. Other than that, you can also get home equity
loans with this bank.
If you want to take a loan with this bank, then you have to visit their branch or you can also go through
the online process through their site. One of the benefits of using this bank is that they do not have any
application fee but you will have to pay a closing fee. With the online facilities and the branch facilities,
it makes it easy to get a loan and get your queries resolved with this bank.
US Bank is a bank with both the old and new ways to get a loan that makes it an option to consider for a
mortgage. Also they work to provide you the best possible interest rates with a number of different
types of loans.

So these are some of the companies and banks that you can consider this year to take a mortgage. Now
it is not as difficult as it was in the past to take a mortgage and with an access of companies providing
the services, you can take a mortgage loan even with a lower credit score. Do comment in the section
below and let us know if you have any queries regarding the article because we would love to hear from
you. Best of luck!