I Just Felt A Little Bit Of My Soul Die #Blogger

So yeah, I do follow links for a price.

I’m not proud of it but you want to pay me £50 for a cut and paste job, or £75 for me to write a load of shit for ten minutes to insert your link into, why would I turn you down?

I’ll do it.

I’m not sorry because I need the cash and let’s face it people, it’s either this or I work up Lidl (Actually, I applied and they didn’t want me. Nor did Asda. I failed the online  application test. For Asda).

You will occasionally see things appear on this blog with a link to some loans company or a private health care provider. Or anyone who will pay me. I have few morals and I am not too proud to sell myself for a few quid into my paypal account. 

We all have a price.

Mine is “SHIT, the nursery bill is coming up, I need £200” or, “FUCK, it’s the teenagers birthday next week and he’ll want a curry ordered in”.

I wish I could afford to have morals. I wish I was one of those writers who says, “I would never write anything for a payday loan company because they rip people off.”

I have to and it’s shit. I have to to stop myself borrowing from a payday loan company somehow, so selling links is the solution (I wouldn’t by the way, payday loans are the Devil).

I’m a blog whore. 

I am the internet equivalent of a hooker leaning into your car window. Sat here at my desk (kitchen table) saying , “cor Mister, that’s a nice loan company you’ve got. Let me make up a story about how my boiler blew up for fifty quid.”

I will flog anything you want me to. Here, have my soul for £100, because the microwave broke last week. 

So, I post these random blogs and forget that they are all connected to my Twitter and that means that people will read them. I also forget that a few thousand people thankfully, wonderfully subscribe to my site via WordPress, so they will get an email notifying them of my shame.

Friends are usually a bit perplexed by the random posts.

“What do you mean you needed to borrow money for your brother’s wedding? You don’t have a brother?” They say, looking at me intently to see if I have finally cracked.

Other bloggers roll their eyes and scroll on.

The bloggers with morals tut, and the other skint bloggers send me an email saying, “pass them my way, love, I’m short of shopping money this week.”

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