8 Best Apps Which Gives You Free Gift Cards

The truth is that each and every one of us loves to earn some extra cash from our daily habits
and hobbies. Either it’s a cash or the next best tantamount, gift cards.
Are you using any of these applications to earn free gift cards?
If NO, then you can start getting paid for doing those activities which you are already doing
online. If the idea of getting paid for doing those activities which you are already doing online
sounds amazing then you need to stick to us and take a look on these apps.

Let’s get started!

1. Swagbucks

With Swagbucks you can easily make money by completing a large variety of tasks. You can also
earn free gift cards with Swagbucks and here are some of those ways through which can earn
free gift cards from Swagbucks.

 Surfing the web
 Shopping online
 Completing surveys
 Watching videos
 Playing games
 Testing new products

You will earn reward points in return for completing every single survey with Swagbucks. The
points you will earn as a reward for completing surveys can be redeemed for gift cards for your
favorite restaurants and stores for $3 only, and not only that because you can also redeem your
points for PayPal cash.

2. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is another survey site that allows you to connect with the other users. Each
and every time you will test a product, complete a survey and collaborate with the other
Pinecone Research members you will earn points in return for completing these tasks.
Pinecone Research is also known as one of the largest survey apps and it is routinely partner
with some of the most well – known household brands like CBS, Disney, Expedia and Proctor &
If you are willing to be a brand influencer then enjoy collaborating with other members online
and having the possibility to win weekly prizes and earn free gift cards.
Pinecone Research might be the great option for you!

3. Earning Station

If you are a habitual user of Earning Station and you want to earn bonus because you use the
application on the routine basis then consider that the luck is on your side because Earning
Station offers an Earning Streak bonus.
You can simply earn a dual bonus by visiting Earning Station consistently for 10 – days up to
quadruple earning bonus by visiting back to back for 50 – days and completing numerous daily
tasks such as participating in the daily poll, survey, video and email.
Apart from all of the other daily points possibilities, you’ll be also able to earn reward points by
completing the below mentioned offers:

 Playing GSN games
 Entering bonus codes
 Reading sponsored email
 Shopping on Groupon

As soon as you will reach the $10 limit you can also start redeeming your points for gift cards.
According to an announcement of Earning Station, there are many members of Earning Station
who earns more than $100 a week through all of the regular offers.

4. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is known as one of the highest rated and well – known survey sites. Survey Junkie
has more than 3,000,000 members and it has many 5 – star Trustpilot reviews. As a matter of
fact their overall Trustpilot rating is 8.6/10. And the best thing is that it is totally free to join.
For completing every survey with Survey Junkie you will receive points which you can exchange
for gift cards and cash.

5. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is one more application which makes it easy to earn reward points on every
purchase you make, those point can be redeemed for gift cards. The only thing you need to do
is to click a snap of your receipt and in return you will earn rewards coins for every single
scanned receipt.
Other than that you can also earn bonus coins by spinning the Hog Slots & just answering in –
app surveys.
The coins you will earn for completing different tasks can be redeemed for PayPal cash, Amazon
gift cards and free magazines. Another best thing about Receipt Hog is that it’s application is
available for both iOS & Android devices.

6. Microsoft Rewards

By using the Bing search engine on your computer, laptop or mobile devices you can get paid
with Microsoft Rewards. Microsoft also offers further bonus points with promotional offers and
daily quizzes.
Those bonus points which you will earn from Microsoft Rewards program can be redeemed for
Microsoft Store credit that allows you to buy movies, music, games and Microsoft software.
You can simply earn points each and every time you will put a search term into the address bar
of your browser!

7. AppNana

If you also land in the category of those people who love downloading & testing the latest
applications and games then consider that the luck is on your side because AppNana allows you
to earn points for each and every app & game you download and use.
This can be an ever green way of earning points which can be redeemed for gift cards for
iTunes, Amazon, Xbox Stores and Google Play because their selection is changing constantly.
The thing is that you don’t have to keep each application you download and test, but, I’m sure
that there must be few that you will download and keep continue to use!

8. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards allows you to earn free Google Play credits. This is an official Google
app through which you can get paid for your opinion and for each poll you will earn $1. Topics
are generally related to Google like you might be asked what logo design is the best and how do
you plan to use Google services in the future or which marketing offer is the most charming.

So guys this was the list of 8 best apps that gives you gift cards for free. Also we would love to
hear from you guys so simply drop a comment below and share your experiences with us and
also let us know that which one of the above mentioned ways you have tried out!

Good luck & have a nice day!

Investing or Paying Student Debt? Which is Better?

Paying debt is one of things for which people work very hard, people work day and night so that they
could make enough money from which they could pay their debt and make a living. Whether it is a
mortgage or a student loan, people work hard to fulfill their dream of being debt free. People of United
States usually have 2 kind of big debts to deal with, one is the mortgage and the second is the Student
loan debt that has increased a lot in the recent years.
The topic of our today discussion is the question that many young people ask when they are free from
college and that is that whether they should pay their student loan first or they should start investing.
Usually debt is of considered to be of two types, the first one which is named as the good one is the one
that increases your net worth. Student loans and mortgages both lie in to the category of good debt, any
debt other than these two debts is considered to be a bad debt because that is a kind of trap that you
usually fall in. Purchasing a car does not increases your worth because the car loses its worth after
sometime and you end up in a loss situation. Bad debt usually come with a higher interest rate than of a
good debt so there is not a chance that you should invest money while you have bad debt on your
shoulders. You should first pay the bad debt first before you start investing.
In the case of good debt, the answer to the question is complicated and not clear and depends upon
your own preferences. Of course you need to pay your debt first and if you have bad debt then you
should not do anything before you pay that off. But investing while having a good debt also have some
benefits that you might want to enjoy. So to answer this question you need to consider some questions.
This would help you analyze which situation is better for you.

What is the Size of your Debt?
This is an important question to answer while you consider yourself stuck between paying off the
student loan and investing because if you have a lower amount then this could be better to start
investing but if you have a huge amount of debt then it would be better to get some load off. If you are
going to pay the debt first then try to pay the smallest one first because this would help you to get quick
success and you will get extra money to pay the other debt.

Interest Rate
The interest rate that you have on your student loan is one of the factors which can change your
decision. If you have a higher interest rate on your student loan then it does not make sense to start
investing with a high interest loan on your shoulders. The loan could be increasing gradually and you will
have to pay more interest rate if you take the loan to its maximum. But if you have a loan of lower and
fixed interest rate then you can easily calculate what interest amount you will be paying for the life of
your loan. You can calculate that what profit investment can bring in and what savings you can do by
paying the debt early and then you can take a decision.

You can also refinance your high interest rate loan in to a lower interest rate loan with lower payments.
By this you will be able to save interest money and invest money too.

Tax Payments
If you have a mortgage or a student loan you can apply for tax deduction programs and you can help
yourself to save the money that you would have to pay if you do not have a loan. In the case of student
loan, there is limitation that whether you can be eligible for this program or not. If your annual income is
more than the limit of the program and you still have the loan pending, then you would not be able to
get that tax deduction.
So in the case of student loans, finance experts always suggest that you should invest money first
because the amount of tax deductions in the case of student loans are lower than of in mortgages. And
if you invest, you can make more money.

Is Investing Before Paying Student Loan a Better Idea?
I have given some of the factors through which you can decide but according to me, investing money is
much better than putting all the money to pay off the student loan. When you start investing in a
younger age, you get a lot of investing experience and you can make a lot of profit in the upcoming time.
Having an investment account from a younger age is recommended by a lot of financial experts, so it is
better to start investing and then using the profit to pay off the debt.
You can also use 90% of your income to pay the debt and to make a living while you use the 10% to
investment account. By this you can get benefits from both these options.

Is Investing Before Paying Mortgage a Better Idea?
In my opinion paying off mortgage first has its own benefits, it can save you a thousand of dollars of
interest amount. Mortgages usually come for a longer period of time but if you can work hard, you can
pay it off quickly.

So the bottom line in this case is that you should put some portion of your income to pay off the debt
and some to invest. As I said above putting 10% of your income for investment is a much better option
in which you can enjoy benefits from both the sides. You will have to increase your principal payments
from the 90% of your income and the pay the debt quickly to. You can also work to increase your
income and keep the equation balance. Do comment in the section below and let us know if you have
any queries regarding the article because we would love to hear from you. Best of luck!

5 Top Places to Get a Mortgage this year

One of the biggest decision of our life is to get a house and it brings in a lot of responsibility when you
buy a house. When you want to buy a house on mortgage then this could be one of your biggest
financial decision of life, so you should work accordingly and try to find the best rates so that it could not
be hectic for you in the future.
Many people are afraid to buy a house on mortgage due to the increasing rates of mortgages but if you
are one of them who still want to buy a house then you should work before you buy a house. You should
compare rates of different lenders so that you could save the most money. To help you in this regard,
today I have come up with a list of lenders that can help you a lower rate. So starting from the 1 st ,

1- Loan Depot

One of the biggest mortgage lender companies is Loan Depot with a Trustpilot rating of 8.1 out of 10.
The company was founded in 2010 and from that time the company has helped many people to get a
mortgage loan on a lower rate. According to the site, the company has paid over 100 billion dollars to
people in mortgage loans or mortgage refinancing. The company offers a variety of loans such as
Adjustable-Rate mortgage, VA loan, FHA loan, Jumbo Mortgage and fixed rate mortgage. The company
has over 1700 loan officers so if you want to get a loan, you can contact with one of their agents and
one of the best thing about loan depot is that their agents does not work on commissions that means
they will provide you the information that is best for you. This loan agent will work with you till the end
of your loan.
On Loan Depot, you have to pay an origination fee and that could lie in between 1% to 5%. If you have a
lower credit score then you will have to pay higher percentage. This is one of the best company to get a
loan from as it provides all the services and one of the best thing about this company is that, you will get
a chance to refinance your loan in the future.

2- Rocket Mortgage

One of the best companies to get a mortgage this year is rocket mortgage. The company is a bit new in
the mortgage lending business but it has gained a lot of fame and they have a very high Trustpilot rating
that is 9.2 out of 10. You can get a VA Loan, Fixed Rate or Adjustable Rate Loan, Jumbo Loan and FHA
Loan with this company. If you already have a mortgage, you can also refinance that loan with this
If you have low amount of money then this company is best to consider because the company will pay
you a mortgage with a low down payment of 3%. This company has one of the easy process to buy a
home, you can take all the information from their app that makes it easy. Another benefit is that if you
are getting an FHA or VA loan then your origination fee will be as low as 1%. That is a very low amount
of origination fee. In other cases, the origination fee may be up to 5%.

If you want to take a loan, you will have to download the app and provide all the required information.
One of the best thing about the process is that all the process takes place online so no need to visit to
the banks as your elders used to do to get a mortgage.
The company has a very user friendly platform that makes it easy and fast. The company is preferred if
you want to take your loan as soon as possible. Although you will have to need to fulfil certain
requirements but this platform is preferable.

3- Citi Mortgage

Citi Mortgage is one of the brick and mortar companies that you can consider for taking a mortgage. The
company is in business since 1979 and is parented by the famous Citi Bank. On this site, you can have
many different options for buying a home. With Citi Mortgage, you can take FHA Loan, Jumbo Loan,
Fixed or Adjustable Rate Loan or VA Loan.
It is easy to get a mortgage loan with Citi Mortgage because they do not have strict requirements to
fulfill like the others. If you have a low credit score then this might be the option you are looking for
because this company does not only looks upon the credit score to check your trust worthiness. Aother
reason for considering Citi Mortgage is that they support self-employed people and work with them to
get a mortgage unlike the other lender’s that have strict policies for self-employed persons.
If you are a customer of Citi Bank then this can benefit you because they have a relationship pricing
program in which they provide a discount on interest rate. You can get to company or can use their site
to take a loan. A downside of this company is that you will have to pay an application fee of $100 that
you will have to pay.
With all of these benefits, Citi Bank could be the option to be considered for a mortgage.

4- Caliber Home Loans

Another company to consider to get a mortgage this year is Caliber Home Loans. The company is in
business since 2013 and is famous in all the country because it provides almost all type of home loan
services. The company also provides loans for renovation along with a mortgage for a new home. You
need to consider this company if you have a low credit score because the company even provides to
people with lower credit scores.
With Caliber Home Loans, you can get a Jumbo Loan of up to $2.5 million with only a down payment of
5%. Apart from that you can get fixed rate loans for Home renovation or if you have a lower score and
you have less amount to pay as down payment. Other than these types of loans, you can also get a VA
loan, FHA loan or USDA Loan.
If you want to get a loan, you can visit one of the branch of the company to get a quote. If you cannot
find a one, you can check their website or you can even contact to one of their agents that will guide you
about the process. You can complete all the process online due to their user friendly website and it is
very safe and convenient to do so. They accept almost 94% of their applications so you have a very
higher chance of getting a mortgage with this company.

One of the drawback of this company is that after sometime you have got a mortgage, your loan will be
bought by another company and this can make it difficult to keep things in order.
With all the benefits and one of the best customer service, the company is a good choice to take. You
can consider this company even if you have a bad credit score.

5- US Bank

US Bank is one of the largest bank of the United States that is provides the services in all the states of
the country and has branches in almost half of the states of the US. With US Bank, you can get VA Loan,
FHA loan, Jumbo Loan, Fixed or Adjustable Rate Mortgage and construction loans. You can also
refinance your current mortgage loans with this bank. Other than that, you can also get home equity
loans with this bank.
If you want to take a loan with this bank, then you have to visit their branch or you can also go through
the online process through their site. One of the benefits of using this bank is that they do not have any
application fee but you will have to pay a closing fee. With the online facilities and the branch facilities,
it makes it easy to get a loan and get your queries resolved with this bank.
US Bank is a bank with both the old and new ways to get a loan that makes it an option to consider for a
mortgage. Also they work to provide you the best possible interest rates with a number of different
types of loans.

So these are some of the companies and banks that you can consider this year to take a mortgage. Now
it is not as difficult as it was in the past to take a mortgage and with an access of companies providing
the services, you can take a mortgage loan even with a lower credit score. Do comment in the section
below and let us know if you have any queries regarding the article because we would love to hear from
you. Best of luck!

12 Amazing Ways For Teenagers To Make Money

Are you a teenager? Do you also want to earn some extra money? Then stay with us and we will
show you some amazing ways to make money as a teenagers.
If I talk about myself then at the time when I was a teenager the only option to earn some extra
money was to get a job at some local store or any fast food joint. Thanks to the technology who
has created an atmosphere and gave lots of options for teenagers to make some extra money.
Not only teens got affected by the rise of entrepreneurial ventures, in fact it has also affected
adults, and there are many different ways even for those under 18 teens to step in several ways
to earn some extra cash instead of working at the local pizza place.

In this article we are going to show some of the most popular ways through which those
underage teens can also earn some extra cash in their spare time.

So let’s get started!

Look For Reward Sites

This is one of the best options for people of any age to make money because making money
through reward sites is pretty much popular. The reason behind that is the people can do it
whenever they want to instead of making a schedule shift job that requires at least four hours
of their time or even more.
We have mentioned some of those sites below which you guys can take advantage of to take

1. Cash Crate

By using this site even teenagers can also make some extra money because Cash Crate even
pays off to the teens of the age of 13, for participating in different activities. You can earn
some extra cash by searching the Net, taking surveys, by playing games and many more by
just using this amazing site known as Cash Crate.
We agree that you won’t get rich by using this site but it will help you a lot in earning some
extra cash in your spare time instead of just laying on sofa and doing nothing.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks, this site pays people for doing really simple and quick tasks. Some of these tasks
includes watching videos, playing games(which is literally the favorite thing of teenagers),
shopping online, answering some of those surveys and many more.
Swagbucks permits teen of age 13 and over to participate in different activities for which
they get paid in points. Those points which those teens will earn can be used to buy gift
cards of their favorite stores or they can transfer them into their PayPal account for a cash

3. InstaGC

Instant Gift Cards is the abbreviation of InstaGC and it is another reward site which is
available for teens to earn some extra cash. Teens which will work on this site will earn
points in reward of completing different tasks such as,
 Watching Videos
 Completing Surveys
 Searching The Web
 Shopping Online

The points which teens will earn for participating in different activities can be used to get free
gift cards in exchange of those point, or those points can be used to get cash direct deposit into
your bank account or to your PayPal account.

Exchange Your Opinion

There are many companies out there who pays off the teens just for sharing their opinions by
completing surveys. We have mentioned some of the most popular companies below.

4. Harris Poll

Harris Poll is one of those companies who pays off teen of age 13 and over to sign up and take
surveys as well. After you complete your surveys with Harris Poll, you will earn HIpoints as a
You can trade your HIpoints in for free e-gift cards at different shopping portals. Sweepstakes
are also offered by Harris Polls through which members can earn some extra rewards. The best
thing is that it’s free to become a member of Harris Poll and they won’t charge you anything for
it or for redeeming points to earn gift cards. One thing which you should know is that your
HIpoints will expire if your account will remain inactive for a time period of 12 months or

5. Survey Junkie

The most popular platform for earning cash online and rewards for sharing thoughts is
Survey Junkie.
You can share your opinion in several ways with Survey Junkie, and then for completing
each survey you will earn reward points which you can redeem to get free e-gift cards at

popular stores such as Amazon and Target or you can also trade in for a cash deposit into
your PayPal account. The best thing of earning through this way is that you can do it
anytime you want to and that’s what which makes it a nice way to earn cash for example,
you can complete those surveys to earn some extra cash while waiting for your turn inside
dentist office or you can also complete those surveys during social events.
According to my opinion this is actually a great option to make money for the age of 13 or
above, anyone can sign up and start earning some extra cash.

6. Ipsos I-Say

Well this one is a bit different from the above mentioned ones because Ipos I-Say members
has to be the age of 14 or above to sign up and start completing those surveys, and for
completing those surveys you will earn points which you can use in numbers of different
ways. Such as you can cash in your reward points to get gift certificates at different stores
like, Amazon, Target, Walmart and Starbucks.
The second option for you that you can request them to transfer your earned cash to your
PayPal account.
The third option you have is that you can use your reward points to purchase I-Say
merchandise which consists of thousands of famous brands products.
Another plus point is that the company also offers occasional surveys and contests for
members to join where they can win additional cash or prizes.

7. Opinion Outmost

This one is pretty much similar to the other survey taking sites which we have mentioned
here already. To sign up you need to be of at least 13 years old and then you can start
earning points you can redeem for a cash transfer into your PayPal account or to get gift
cards at several stores, such as iTunes or Amazon.
This company also allows its members to enter occasionally contests which winning prize if
$10,000 and as you complete one survey, you get another chance to enter into that contest

and also like most of those survey taking companies it’s free to become a member of
Opinion Outpost.

8. Life Points

To join this company and start earning you need to be at least 16. The working strategy of
Life Points is that it helps many other companies by using your opinions to improve and
develop their products and services. Life Points also has its mobile app and also desktop
app, you can choose which one you want to use.
You don’t have to pay any charges or any fee to join Life Points because its always free to
become a member of them. After you have signed up for Life Points you will earn points for
every survey you will complete. As I have told you before that you can use your reward
points to get a PayPal cash or other rewards like retail gift cards.

Customer Service Jobs

Customer service job is that type of job which hire teens to help several customer with
answering their questions or solving their issues which are so rare. There are many different
companies which are hiring teens for customer service jobs but there is one recognized
company nationally that will hire teen which are at least 16 years old. We have mentioned
that company below.

9. U – Haul

U – Haul is that type of company which hires teens to work for their call center phones,
both in-store and some of the times they can also work right form their comfort zone. If you
are good in helping people and can handle stressful situations in a better way, then this is a
best option for you to make money.

Sales Job
if you have some interest in selling things, specifically skin care items, then in this arena you
can make some money. There are two larger companies which allows people to join their
sales team as young as 16 years old teen.

10. Nu Skin

It is that type of company which allows teens to become a sales representative. To take a
start at Nu Skin and become a sales representative of this company you need to be of at
least 16 or 17 years old and the consent of your parents. The products Nu Skin sells
includes variety of skin care items and other personal health items.
Teens don’t have any sort of shortage of options available, whether they can join it on a
temporary basis or maybe they can start a new career. To figure out which one is the best
income earning opportunity for you, you have to try out few of them first.

11. Avon

Today its been over one hundred years that Avon is in the business of skin care. The
products they sell includes skin care products, makeup and many more. To take a start as a
sales representative in this company teens have to be at least of 13 years.


Have you got some different skills which people might be able to use? How about working
as a freelancer.

12. Fiverr

Fiverr is a site which helps you to get your work done with the help of their members.
However people looking for a help from the members of the Fiverr, pays off $5 for each job,
and sometimes they pay even more than that depending on the job.
If you have got some talent in the field of, graphic design, art, animation, digital marketing,
programming and tech stuff and similar to them then you could promote yourself on Fiverr.

So guys these were the list of those 12 amazing ways for teenagers to make money which
will help you out for sure if you are a teenager or if you have teens at your home. At the end
we will just say that don’t waste any more time and start working today to earn some extra
cash. Also we would love to hear from you guys so don’t hesitate to drop a comment below
to let us know that which one of above these mentioned ways you have tried out and in
which way it has helped you out.
Good luck and have a nice day!

12 Different Ways to Get Paid For Writing Your Reviews

Have you got some interest in writing your reviews to help other shopkeepers and make an
informed purchase?
Product feedback is the thing which plays an important role in the process of making purchase
and it also helps manufacturers in improving their product lineups. Now by sharing your
reviews & opinion on the internet you can get paid.

How to Make Money By Sharing Your Reviews On The Internet

As I have already told you that product sharing plays an important in the process of buying and
also it helps manufacturers in improving their products lineup. By just sharing your reviews and
opinion on the internet you can earn money. Now at this moment most of you guys must be
thinking that how can they earn money by just writing their reviews and opinions on the
internet or how to take a start? So stop worrying about that because we have put our heads
together and have made some extra effort to come up with the list of 12 different ways
through which you guys can earn money by just sharing your reviews on the internet, simply
stick to us and we will show you.

Let’s get started!

1. Start Your Own Blog

One of the greatest options to earn money for writing reviews is by starting your own site
because by this way you can earn a passive income from your reviews, as by writing reviews
you can earn a small amount of commission every time someone make a purchase through
your website. Writing about those products which you use is the best way to share your first –
hand experience through your words and pictures, as the other review sites might restrict your
review to a few brief paragraphs.
If you are new to the world of blogging or you want to start your own blog, then there are two
resources which you should check out.
The first option is that you should host your blog, afterall it is actually so affordable to host your
blog at Bluehost and it will only takes you 10 minutes from your valued time to get started. The
second option you have is Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course because that will help
you in learning the ropes about earning passive income on your blog.

2. Inbox Dollars

One of the largest alternatives of Swagbucks is known as InboxDollars which gives you an
opportunity of making money by writing reviews. Nowadays it is actually possible to earn
money by completing surveys and also by signing up for those easy cash offers that will allow
you to get free samples. Moreover with these paid opportunities you can also make money by
shopping online, referring friends, watching videos and playing games.
One of the most exciting ways to make money with InboxDollars is by watching videos and the
reason behind that is that you will get a chance to provide your feedbacks on TV commercials
and by this way you will get a chance to be one of the first viewers of even those commercials
which aren’t even aired yet.
Along with earning cash by sharing your opinion, you’ll also receive an automatic entries into
InboxDollar’s weekly sweepstakes. InboxDollars will pay through check when you’ll be ready to
get paid. InboxDollar’s gold members also have the option to get paid through an eCard or Visa
prepaid card.

3. UserTesting

If you are willing to make money by testing websites and apps then I’ll suggest you to take a
look on UserTesting. When you’ll make a video of 20 – minutes then UserTesting will pay you
$10 per each review. This can be the best opportunity for you when you’ll prefer voice words
over writing your opinion.
You can take a start by leaving reviews with any device only in case if it downloads the required
recording software and can record you testing the service in the actual time.
There are many companies out there who are willing to pay a handsome amount of bucks to
watch people interacting with their products and UserTesing can be the most profitable ways to
earn money by making and sharing your reviews.

4. Moms Meet

Moms meet is a place where finally mothers from all over the world can share their opinions
and connect with other health – minded mothers! Moms meet allows you to sample organic,
healthy and environmentally friendly products with your friends and family. By sharing your
honest feedback you’ll earn points which can be redeemed for gift cards, surprise fun packs,
gifts and printables.
You’ll need to apply for the Blog Ambassador or Mom Ambassador membership levels to
initiate reviewing products. In conjunction with writing reviews, you can also earn points by
watching educational videos & webinars, completing quests and by participating in community
You can join Moms Meet totally for free, in fact you will receive 100 points as a bonus just for
signing up.

5. Smiley360

Smiley360 is another website through which you can get free samples just for sharing your
feedback. It is not necessary that you will get paid, but getting products in order to review it
without even paying for it can be a likewise valuable perk.
Also you’ll earn points for each review which you will leave that can qualify you for better
missions in the future.
Another reason to go for Smiley360 is that their membership is available for anybody who is 13
years old or above and also their membership is open to all the 50 states.

6. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a platform which will pay you for sharing your opinion on a large range of
products and brands. You’ll be requested to take a survey on a wide range of topics and
completing your profile properly will meet the surveys that are relevant to your interests and
habits. Survey Junkie has more than 3,000,000 members and also it has many positive user
You can request payment via PayPal or a gift card to your favorite restaurant or a store right
after your reward balance will reach $10.

7. Valued Voice

Valued Voice is a place which will allow you to earn money by writing reviews on the following
mediums which we have mentioned below.

 Twitter
 Facebook
 YouTube
 Blogs
 Pinterest
 Instagram

Connecting more accounts will probably increase the chances of getting approved to write a
review. Once you have earned more than $100 then you’ll be eligible for payment and you will
receive your payments on the first of each month.
You can also get paid earlier by upgrading your account membership and without meeting the
$100 limit.

8. Cooperatize

Another paid review site which will connects you with the advertisers is known as Cooperatize.
Cooperatize has announced on their website that you can earn between $150 – $800 for
completing each opportunity. If you will accomplish the unique visitor’s target then you will be
able to earn even more than that.
If you are willing to boost your earning potential for each article other than the initial payment
then Cooperatize can be the more profitable option for you as compared to the some of the
other platform which are mentioned on this article. The best thing about Cooperatize is that it
is totally free to join.

9. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is another paid survey site that asks you for your opinions on several brands
and products. Most of the time those surveys will only take 10 minutes to complete and in
return you can earn points which you can redeem for PayPal cash or gift cards. Also you’ll be
automatically entered into the quarterly prize drawing worth $10,000.
You can join Opinion Outpost totally free of cost but keep in mind to complete your entire
profile so you can receive more survey opportunities.

10. Academic Word

Well this option is a bit different from the above mentioned ones because instead of reviewing
products for sample cash you can professionally proofread and edit papers to get paid.
Academic Word is a platform which is always looking for editors who can edit & translate
documents for a wide range of academic disciplines because there are some clients which are
non – native English writers. If you have got some writing skills then making money by this way
can be a really profitable.

11. FameBit

FameBit is a place which is held by YouTube, but it requires a bit different approach to reviews.
By just negotiating your payment and the channels which you plan to use to review a particular
product you can get paid by using FameBit, and it is possible to get paid by sharing your reviews
on your social media accounts, blog or on YouTube.
With FameBit the expectations of reviews might be a bit higher but on the other hand the
earning potential can be also more profitable. The great thing about it is that it is totally free to
join also new sponsorships are being added each and every day across a large variety of product
categories. By using FameBit you can get paid via PayPal, direct deposit or through check.

12. Ciao

Ciao is known as an UK based paid review site which opened to all of the international
community. By using Ciao you can get paid for writing reviews for the products which are listed
on their website. Along with writing reviews you can also get paid for focused categories which
are always changing on a regular basis.
The payout of each review depends on how much traffic it generates. The best thing about
reviewing with Ciao is that their requirement of requesting a payment is actually low which is 5
pounds that is almost $6 – $7 USD based on the exchange rate.

So guys this was the list of those 12 different ways through which you can get paid for writing
your reviews.
We would love to hear from you guys so just drop a comment below and share your
experiences with us and also let us know which one of the above mentioned ways you have
tried and how did it helped you guys.

Good luck & have a nice day!

8 Similar Sites to eBay Through Which You Can Sell Your Stuff Online

eBay is known as one of the best and popular sites through which you can sell your stuff online.
Although there are few down sides of selling your stuff on eBay which might make you make it
much more profitable to try & sell on the comparable sites.
However there are lots of benefits of eBay, and we often suggest it as a source of buying &
selling, there are something about eBay which can be deleterious to your sales, and on the top
of that list if that eBay is huge.
Whereas this can be a great option to expose the items you’re selling to large amount of
audience. That also means that the listing of your items will get lost in the ocean of thousands
of other similar things.
If you are selling your stuff on eBay then it can be quite difficult to make your listing stand out
among the other countless offers. Another possibly negative about selling your stuff on eBay
can be those listing charges which can be high at some times.
But, you don’t have to worry about that because there are numerous alternatives of eBay
which you guys can use to sell your stuff, because we have put our heads together and have
made some extra effort to come up with the list of these 8 similar sites to eBay which you can
use to sell your stuff online instead of listing them up on eBay.

Let’s get started!

Several Sites Like eBay Where You Can Sell Everything

You can use eBay to sell just anything literally. However there are some alternatives of eBay
which allows you to sell some specific items online, well, the alternatives which are mentioned
below in this article will allow you to sell almost everything. So simply stick to us and we will
show you some of the most well – known which you can use to sell everything online.

1. eBid

eBid is an online platform which is pretty much similar to eBay, which you can use to sell
anything you want to including sporting goods, clothing, jewelry, art, baby stuff and much
The difference between eBay and eBid is that you’ll never have to pay more than 3% for selling
your stuff on eBid. eBid also have a lifetime selling fee which will cost you $99.98 per year to
sell as much as you want. At the time of this report, they were offering a special offer of half off
on the lifetime selling fee.

2. Craigslist

You might already have some idea about the working strategy of Craigslist, but the thing is that
it can be an amazing alternative to eBay. The only negative point about Craigslist is that you
may not get that much big audience while selling something on Craigslist as compared to eBay.
But as I have told you guys before too that it will also help you to prevent your listing for getting
lost in the ocean of thousands of other listing and sellers.

The best thing about Craigslist is that it is totally free, you don’t have to pay any kind of listing
or selling fee. You will only have to pay the shipping fee and that’s only in the case if you choose
to ship your items to your buyer until you’ll specify or agree to the term that your buyer will pay
the cost of shipping but that’s the thing to be expected.
If you are selling your item on Craigslist then you can also choose to meet your buyer in person,
considering that most of the buyers you’ll come across will be residing locally.

3. Amazon

Amazon is a well – known online selling platform which can be a great source to sell just about
anything. The prices and fees of their stores are different which are based on the numbers of
different factors.
Amazon is actually the best platform for selling new items or handmade items. However there
are some people who find success selling used stuff as well.

4. OfferUp

OfferUp is an online classified site which helps to sell their stuff locally, and also don’t charge
any sort of selling or listing fees. This site is pretty much well organized and it also has images of
stuff which is for sale right on the home page, which is very helpful and nice.
However the listing of home is uncategorized but you can also make categorized search.
OfferUp has all of the categories which Craigslist, eBay and many of the other sites does such as
kid stuff, clothing, cars, household and trucks etc.
Same like the other classified sites, you being a seller will be responsible for organizing a
meeting or delivery time with buyers and also setting any rules about the cost of shipping in

case if your buyer decide to have the items shipped to them instead of setting up a time to
meet personally.

5. Etsy

Etsy is literally the most well – known and most visited site for selling craft supplies and
handmade items. Also Etsy allows you to sell antique items too but only if they are at least 20
years old. Keep in mind that if you are selling handmade items then there are some rules about
what represents handmade items, you can also take a look on Etsy’s website to get more
information about that.
While talking about the fees, then let me tell you that you’ll have to pay 20 cents per each
listing and once your item is sold then you’ll have to pay a 3.5% of the total amount as a
transaction fee and a 3% as a processing charges.
As Etsy helps you with the payments you receive, it will be in your hands to decide that how do
you want to receive the money from the items you sell through credit & debit cards, PayPal,
Google Play and many more.

6. Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane’s main aim is to help people to sell high quality antique items like fine art, dolls,
furniture, glass pieces, jewelry, lighting, porcelain pieces and much more.
Being a seller of Ruby Lane you’ll need to pay a one – time set up fee which will cost you $100,
a monthly store fee of $69 and a per transaction fee which depends on how many items you

Ruby Lane is more of a site for those people who are willing to get into the antique selling game
and create a business out of it as an opposite to those people who are just willing to sell few

7. Poshmark

Poshmark is an online site which will help you guys to sell men’s, women’s and kids clothing,
accessories and the other fashion items. You’ll have to pay a flat fee of $2.95 for all the items
which are sold under $15, and for the sales which worth $15 and above you’ll have to pay a flat
20% of the total sale price to the Poshmark as a fee.
Poshmark also provides you a prepaid shipping label and you can take a look on our Poshmark
Review to get more information about Poshmark and its working strategy.

8. Chairish

Chairish is an online site which allows you to sell antique items and other home décor items
including art, rugs, lighting and many more. Chairish usually look for those items that are in
great condition and that are actually of different and unique types.
Also Chairish don’t charge you any sort of listing fee, although you’ll have to pay a 20% sale
commission depending on how much your items or your item sell for.
Moreover Chairish also allows you to coordinate your details with your buyer as well which also
includes shipping arrangements and pay.

Before your items get listed which you are willing to sell, Chairish has to improve them, they
also help you through the touchup photos in order to maximize the order of your listings. With
Chairish you get paid through PayPal after the delivery of your item, and for all the buyers
Chairish allows them a return period of 48 – hours.

So guys this was the list of those 8 similar sites to eBay which you can use to sell your items
online. We hope that it will actually help you guys.
At the end we would only say that we would love to hear from you guys so simply drop a
comment below and share your experiences with us and also let us know if you have tried any
of them or if you have any more ideas, so simply drop a comment below and let us know that
which one of the above mentioned ways you have tried and how it helped you out.

Good luck & have a nice day!